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The Koo's

The Koo's

"A treat of 'old-new' immersion brings freshness but keeping familiarity to the flat. So he won't lose the sense of belongings to his home."

Sometimes a layout do not requires hacking off walls, instead, the space look ‘too large’ in terms of flat size. In other words, the layout looked too loosed and lost its character. Our original mission is to renovate kitchen and bathroom, L/D area was expected to do a simple touch up. But when we look into the layout, it is necessary for us to redefine space in L/D area. ​ Our goal is to divide this one big space into Dining, Living & foyer. While we did not build an actual wall for division, we chose to make a semi-open screen to distinct the dining place. With two geometric pattern panels, the screen was made in modern Chinese style so that it could cohere with the series of reused Chinese furniture. Besides, ceiling treated with light troughs could help define the 3 spaces, at the same time they provided a feel of high ceiling, so this treat was not only functionally lighting up the area, but also redefining it.

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