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The Kevin's

The Kevin's

"In advantage of his SOHO lifestyle, we grab the opportunity creating an spacious home where can rarely be achieved in Hong Kong."

The owner lives by himself and wants a cool open apartment. The apartment is around 30 sq.m., which size is good enough for a person to live, and having gathering with friends. We demolished the original partition wall to connect the dining area, living area and sleeping area, which making the new space very spacious. Wooden platform and glass folding doors are added to the sleeping area, which define this private space clearly and easily. Less partition wall also helps the big windows to provide more sunlight. The long last black white and grey combination are used to create a modern stylish feeling. Light tone wood is added in the sleeping area to give back a bit warm feeling. ​ ​ ​ 屋住是位單身人士, 他想要一個形格的開放式單位. 單位有大約30平方米, 非常足夠個人居住, 又有足夠的空間招呼朋友來聚會. 我們將原來的房間間隔牆都拆去, 連通了飯廳, 客廳及睡房, 使到空間非常廣寬. 睡房空間加入木地台及摺門, 簡潔有效地定義了這私人空間界限. 減少了間隔亦使原有的三扇大窗更有效地提供日光. 顏色以歷久不衰的黑白灰色去營造現代感, 而睡房空間則加入淺色木材配合, 加添一點溫暖.

31 SQM



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