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The Ip's

The Ip's

"A 'Cross' vision angle could guide anyone entering this house to experience the space, so that their focus is the space but not the size."

This project is another case having a rectangular L/D area. Within this 20 sqm L/D area, the 9 feet tall ceiling space was not driven a spacious feel, it instead narrowed the area. To solve this, we would need something go along the eyelevel so that one’s focus would not go only to the ceiling height. Thus, we make use of the “Cross” again, but this time in a vertical way. We emphasize the depth of ceiling and at the same time creating a long wall passing through the whole flat. Both treats might look too much if they appear separately, but they gave different feeling when they are put together. ​ Got the desired of Eastern Asian Living style of IP’s, we took the idea of a corridor in a large Asian house, with a combination of walnut wood and creamy wallpaper, we connected all room doors and the TV wall in one way. When people enter the flat, since they cannot see the whole L/D area, their focus would be the long corridor wall. After a few steps, the high ceiling with double layer light troughs immediately provide spacious feel in a perpendicular axis. These 2 experiences could let people forget the area was actually 20 sqm.

52 SQM



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