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Horace Suite

Horace Suite

"A Multiple Award Winning Small Home that brings Big Pleasure"

Horace Suite is one of the best demonstrations on how an apartment of 70’s be transformed to a contemporary single suite with multiple functions.

Living here in Happy Valley, our client who’s a single noble, would like to create an unusual gathering place for friends with stunning view, while at the same time giving herself a joyful yet functional private suite.

The suite was designed in simple black & white, enhanced with natural wood ,marble and a handcrafted cement wall, to create not just a place of chic but also brings brightness and comfort.

Benefit from the 70’s HK building structure, the 45 sqm.flat allows a full retrofit on layout, releasing every single space to fit in varies functions.
By swapping kitchen,bathroom and bedroom positions, a spacious queen-sized bedroom with full-wall wardrobe is attained at the most private corner of the suite.Grabbing almost all windows of the flat to surround the open kitchen,plenty of unlight penetrates the entire living & dining space.Sitting along the white marble breakfast island,gangs could enjoy great supper looking at the marvelous Horserace view through the big, black framed windows.

The last but most interesting area – living room, consists of pure white L-shaped full wall storage and a natural concrete wall,hiding two sets of folding panels and a working desk behind the cabinet doors,making it easily being transformed from a spacious living area to a semi-private working place,or even an extra private bedroom!

45 SQM



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