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Telecom Office

Telecom Office

"There's no limit to small space, where it can still be as functional, bright & stylish as corporate, plus a touch of personality."

In this 50 sq. m. office space, the client need two studios for 9 staffs, one meeting room and a panty. Facing this common problem of limited space, we squeeze the circulation space to the limit, so that we can increase the space for every staffs. Light color wood panel, sky blue and white color paint are used t on walls, plus the white ceiling, the new space become very energetic. ​ ​ 在這50平方米的空間, 客戶要求分配出兩間工作室, 一間會議室及茶水間, 供9名員工使用. 面對這個常見的空間細小問題, 我們將通道位置壓縮到最少, 從而增加每個員工的可用空間. 牆身用上淺色木板, 天藍色和白色油漆的配搭, 加上白色的天花, 使到空間顯得精神奕奕.

51 SQM



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