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"Showroom shall be distinctive, while it also, on the other hand, be immersive to the office space for other functions."

What is more apart from a showroom Lenzing is a worldwide leading company of the fibers industry. Their Hong Kong office need a brand new image and showroom. Showroom is a special space to an office because besides showing the products, it carries the image of the company. To highlight the showroom, we designed a wooden box like showroom, and put it in the center of the office with a little bit slant angle on plan. So that everyone who walk in would notice there is a showroom. However, after satisfy all the basic needs, we found the showroom already occupy nearly half of the building area. But it is not frequently in used, because visitors would not coming every day after all. We think this space could contribute more. So, we try to modify the showroom as a leisure area for the staffs who working here. A row of window and glass sliding door are added to this closed wooden box to open up the space and visual boundary, and bring the warm color inside the showroom out to the office area. The trapezoid light well on ceiling as if bringing the natural light to the interior space, and to remind people there is a comfortable leisure area inside this busy office. ​ ​ ​ 展覽室以外還有什麼 Lenzing 是一家全球領先的纖維供應商, 其於香港觀塘的辦公室需要一個耳目一新的形象及增設展覽室. 展覽室除了要展示產品, 亦承載該公司的形象, 對於辦公室是個特別的空間. 最初, 為了突顯此空間, 我們設計了一個木盒似的展覽室, 微微斜著放置在辦公室的中央, 人們進出時必會留意到其存在. 然而, 當滿足各種基本的功能需要後, 我們發現這空間已佔用近一半的面積, 卻不是經常使用. 因為畢竟不是每天都有參觀者到來. 我們認為這空間可以供獻更多. 於是就嘗試將展覽室開放給員工作為休閒區. 在原本獨立的木盒展覽室, 加入了一排通透寬闊的玻璃敞門及玻璃窗, 打開了空間及視覺的界線, 同時將展覽室內溫和色調帶到辦公區. 配合休閒的沙發椅及咖啡桌, 降低了辦公室嚴肅感覺. 天花上梯形的光井彷彿將天然光帶入室內, 藉此提醒人們在這繁忙的辦公室內, 還有個舒適休閒空間.

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