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Commercial Center

Commercial Center

"Work & Lifestyle shouldn't be neither a divider of each other but a multiply, where they enriches each others time by time."

Besides style, what is more? This is a subletting studio. It has been 5 years since last renovation. The space needs a new skin to attract more customers. We use concrete, black metal and grey brown wood to give a cool stylish image to people. The wood strip and wood wall panel in corridor creating an orderliness rhythm. With the exquisite art works on walls. However, we found that, besides the new skin, the space is lack of people’s movement. The divided studios provide a great privacy, but create isolation at the same time. So, we try to modify the pantry to attract people to stay a little bit longer, so to increase the opportunity of users to meet each other. First, in order to make the pantry more welcome, we increased the number of table and chairs, re-arranged the furniture position. The style is now more casual style. The blue color sofa brings a highlight to the space. A small bar table put on besides, attract people to stay and chat a little bit longer. Because of the restriction of the original false ceiling, we added a grid black metal frame, and connected to the vertical and horizontal wood screen, clearly defined the leisure space, and provided users a sense of security. ​ 風格以外, 還有什麼? 這是一個分租式的工作室. 上一次裝潢已是五年前. 這空間需要一個新的外貌去吸引更多使用者. 設計渾合水泥, 黑色鐵通及灰棕色木材, 先為這空間帶來一分型格感覺. 走廊以木條及門板, 編排出整齊的節奏. 然後加上精緻的掛畫及裝飾藝術. 然而, 我們接著發現, 除了新外衣, 這裡更缺乏了人流. 一個個獨立的工作室有著很高的私隱, 但同時形成了隔膜. 於是, 我們著手改造茶水間, 嘗試吸引人們逗留多一會, 增加與隔鄰的見面與溝通機會. 首先, 我們增加了檯椅的數量, 並重新排編了的家私位置. 挑選外形較為輕鬆的檯椅, 令空間變得更平易近人. 藍色的沙發亦為這空間加入點綴. 旁邊斜放了一張小吧檯, 吸引人們停留短聚. 而因為原本的假天花的限制, 我們在假天花以下加上了個形格的黑色鐵框, 連接著一橫一直的木條屏風, 定義了休息空間的邊界, 亦為使用者帶來一份安全感.

190 SQM



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