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Amore Pacific Global

Amore Pacific Global

"Interior Design could be shown simple, silent and clean, so as Cosmetics."

The AGO office was required to serve 2 independent teams’ daily operations in a 400 sqm space. Due to this special operation mode, the space had to be divided into 2 independent areas to ensure minimum disturbance between 2 teams. Therefore, the plan is trivially derived to have their co-using training room right in the middle of the site. This room occupied the largest area than every room in the office, and it was located right in front of the entrance. Thus, the challenge of this case would be how we soften the existence of the large training room and how we connect the 2 offices back into 1. With this, we set the training room back to free up a lobby area. The lobby had two functions. It was the only bridge connecting the two sides and at the same time representing the brand. The “white-on-white” marble backdrop highlighted the area, and at the same time hiding the training room behind. This project proved that there are no necessary opposition between operation needs and aesthetics of space.

400 SQM



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